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Unlike traditional master's degrees, these degrees combine an interdisciplinary curriculum with business training and hands-on experience, enabling graduates to acquire a new "tool-set" for success in a business environment.

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Information for incoming Fall 2015 Students:

The Professional Master's program offers a cultural workshop series on Wednesday, August 12th and 13th to help our international students learn more about U.S. Culture in general and U.S. Corporate culture specifically. As you all are expected to secure internships as part of the degree, we want you to be ready to hit the ground running and compete with domestic students at career events and corporate recruitment opportunities. Therefore, plan to be in Houston to attend this cultural workshop sequence. We also recommend these sessions for domestic students as many professional communication topics are being addressed.

On Friday, August 14th we are holding a communication assessment workshop mandatory for all our incoming Professional Science Master's students, followed by a student/alumni social.

The University fall orientation will take place during the week of August 16 – 22nd.  Please be advised that participation in the General Graduate Orientation on August 19, 2014, is mandatory. Information  and an agenda on the orientation for the Professional Science Master’s Program held on Thursday August 20th will be mailed to you  at a later date.  Classes and registration begin on Monday, August 24, 2014. The latest version of our Academic Calendar is attached.

 International Graduate Students – must attend the International Graduate Student Orientation held on the Monday and Tuesday of Orientation Week,  August 17-18, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm, Herzstein Auditorium - Breakfast and lunch are provided.Visit the Office of International Students web site for more information: http://oiss.rice.edu/gateway.aspx?id=198

The university requires each student to submit a health form. It must be filled out and returned directly to the Student Health Service by July 1st.  You will not be able to register if they have not received this form.  The form and instructions may be found attached and can also be downloaded at  http://www.rice.edu/health/hdf.html.  If you have insurance, please fill in the waiver form also available on the Rice web site .

In addition to the information available on www.profms.rice.edu, please also visit the web site of the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies which offers a wealth of resources for incoming students: http://graduate.rice.edu/newstudents 

A detailed orientation week schedule can be found here: Orientation Schedule http://graduate.rice.edu/orientationcal/

In summary, please mark your calendars for the following dates:

August 12th & August 13th: Cultural Workshop (for international students)* - different topics each day!!

August 14th: Communication Assessment Workshop limited for Professional Science Master's students only*

Orientation Week: August 16 – 22nd:

August 17th  & August 18th: International Graduate Student Orientation -For additional information: http://oiss.rice.edu/gateway.aspx?id=198.

August 19th: General Graduate Orientation (Mandatory for domestic & international students)

August 20th:  Professional Master’s Program Orientation and Advising (domestic & international students) at 12:00 pm in Keck Hall 102- mandatory for all incoming PSM students

August 24th: Classes and registration begin.

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Read the latest articles in the PSM News Archive for more information on PSM degrees nationwide.

Check out this Guide to Professional Science Master's

With a focus on Rice undergrad students we are spreading the word about opportunities for Rice students to line their study plans up to create a pathway into our professional master's degree which - with good planning - they could finish in a 5th year of studies at Rice, completing their B.S. and their M.S. degrees back-to-back.

We also have seen a higher interest in our dual PSM/MBA tracks by incoming students who have to apply to both programs at the same time to be able to qualify for this opportunity.  



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Renewed 2015 Scholarships
The Rice PSM program thanks Baker Hughes and Chevron for their continued support of our students in the Subsurface Geoscience, Environmental Analysis and Decision Making and the Nanoscale Physics tracks. Corporate recognition of our efforts to create an education tailor-made for their workforce needs is highly appreciated! Students for this scholarship will be selected and announced at the beginning of the fall semester.

Houston Spaceport Scholarship

Houston Spaceport logo
Houston Airports continued their support of our students in the Space Studies program. The Houston Spaceport Scholarship offers partial scholarship funding to enrolled and incoming students in this Professional Master's degree track. We are excited about their interest and continued support of our program. Funding will be distributed in early fall.

corporate supporters

Corporate support is essential for the program and its students and we like to encourage others to follow Baker Hughes, Chevron's and Schlumberger's example of supporting an education that prepares students for positions in industry and business. Corporate support will help us attract high-quality students to our program. Please do not hesitate to contact us at profms@rice.edu , if you are interested in learning more about the program, would like to meet our students for lunch, or take advantage of a speaking opportunity on campus.